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About Mark & Mandy

Our business started back in 1998, since then we have had a few name changes, a few direction
changes but one thing that has remained the same is our love for all animals with a soft spot for

dogs (especially Dachshunds!)

At the moment we live with our 8 dogs and 1 cat!

  • Deano (14), Border Collie

  • Kim (12), Midi Dachshund/Terrier cross

  • Amber (11), Fox Red Labrador

  • Rolo (6), Midi short-haired Dachshund

  • Minnie (5), Miniature short-haired Dachshund

  • Harriet (4), Mini short-haired Dachshund

  • George (5), Midi short-haired Dachshund 

  • Breagha (2), Mini short-haired Dachshund

  • Calum (11) our only cat

Since rehoming our first dog, Zoe from The Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home in 1998 we have adopted
from several rescue charities, fostered and rehomed, become failed fosterers as well as
adopting from customers for various reasons. Our commitment to 23 dogs of our own has never

waivered and everything we do revolves around them.

All our dogs arrived with a story, some more heartbreaking than others. We strive to give our dogs a
well-balanced, safe and happy lifestyle with us to live in. They have all had different needs due to their breed, ages and reason for coming to us. Some have taught us more than others but our passion to 
care for them and help others improve their dog’s life is never ending.

We have had the pleasure of previously living with Zoe (Collie cross), Zara (Border Collie), Trixie (Lab cross), Bailey (Cocker Spaniel), Flash (Bassett Hound), Charlie B (Collie cross), Amber (Rottweiler), Bruno (Collie cross), Katie (Mini long-haired Dachshund), Lacy (Yorkshire Terrier), Rory (Golden Retriever), Wispa (Chocolate Lab), Holly and Jess, our Standard Long Haired Dachshund sisters and Leisha (Collie cross).

All very individual, some arriving in the double figures
due to the loss of their human parents, but all much loved by us and still missed.

Without all the daily experience of living with multiple dogs for the last 25 years, Mandy starting her
animal career in Zoos, we feel that we wouldn’t have been living a full life. Living and working with
dogs is amazing but can also be draining as the emotional connection formed with each dog we
meet takes a little bit of our hearts when they go, even if that is to continue life with their owners

who have worked with Mark to help improve all of their lives.

Mark has a BSc in Life Sciences with emphasis on Behavioural Sciences and furthered his study with a year of Biological Psychology, both through The Open University. He continues his studies to keep up to date with modern canine science through various education providers such as
The School of Canine Science, where he is currently studying a three year course, ‘The Behaviour


Mark has completed the following courses

  • 'Scent For Six',  to allow him to teach Passive and Active Scent Work.

  • 'The Puppy Lab', covering theory and practical applications of science based training techniques.

  • '30 Days of Canine Science', covering 30 aspects of application of modern training methods.

  • 'Business in a Box', learning to create a video based online training school.


From Duke University he holds a Certificate in Canine Cognition and Emotion.
A qualified instructor of Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) with the Grisha Stewart Academy.

Mandy helps with the daily running of our small business as well as looking after our dogs and some
visitors too. Having worked at Edinburgh Zoo for 8 years her animal husbandry skills are varied

having worked in situations where safety is paramount.

Starting the Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Business back in 1998 was quite a career change but she still
loves working with animals with less pressure of working in a busy environment. Dog walking
continued until 2019, when Mandy then needed a new hip which she finally got in October 2022.
This has allowed us to make changes to help us improve the running of the business,

now in 2023 & 2024.




For those of you who have not yet used our services, we hope to meet you

and your dog(s) in the future.

Mark Walker Dog Training

280 Viewfield Rd, Tarbrax, West Calder EH55 8XF, UK

WhatsApp for new enquiries 07748 194599

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