Mark Walker BSc.and Mandy Walker 

The relationship between an animal and its owner is a unique connection. With Canine Solutions, you get a highly experienced dog trainer who will look after your dog's educational needs. Mark has been training dogs since 1998 and has been on a continuing educational journey to this day.Canine Solutions consists of Mark and Mandy Walker who between them have over 50 years of professional animal experience. 



Whether you are keen for your dog to walk beautifully on the lead or you want a lightning- fast recall, this is the course for you. Six weeks of  5 short exercises per week in video form so you can revisit as often as you like.



At the moment all services are on a one to one basis, although we hope to be putting on group events in the Spring of 2022.PUPPY TRAINING. Fun, effective and highly informative puppy lessons for your new arrival.  We cover the basic foundations for a happy and successful start to family life.
JUNIORS. The next stage on as your pup begins to become more independent with greater bouts of energy! This can be a great time to add more skills and maintain our dogs interest in us, especially in public places.
ADOLESCENTS. Dealing with the rebellious teenager can be challenging for some owners. In this phase of training we ask for greater focus and work on overcoming impulses, whilst maintaining good manners.
BEHAVIOUR ADJUSTMENT From reactivity to separation anxiety, I work with you and your dog to resolve many problems in a logical and informative way.


SCENTWORK FOR ALL AGES AND BREEDS If you have a busy dog who would benefit from a skill that teaches focus, patience,  and self control whilst using their number 1 super power, then scentwork works wonders! Our scentwork packages are 6 sessions of 1hr.
PREMIUM SERVICE. We are generally quite busy and always have an ongoing workload which can create weeks between making contact with us and getting started on a plan.Why not jump the queue and use our 2hr Private tutorial on a Sunday afternoon?


Leave It to the Expert


ONE TO ONE  Puppy, junior and adolescent training. £50 per 1hr session or £230 for 5 session blocks
SCENTWORK TRAINING.  6 X 1Hr sessions for £280 . Starter kit included. 
PREMIUM SERVICE 2Hr PRIVATE TUTORIAL ON SUNDAYS. 2hr session covering anything you want to work on and can't wait to get started. £150. Covering Edinburgh and West Lothian. Parking costs will be added if applicable.